Vision: Leading Infrastructure REIT


Power REIT is seeking to become the leading infrastructure real estate investment trust, building upon the legacy of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad (“P&WV”). P&WV was previously listed on AMEX and was the first listed infrastructure REIT, having received a revenue ruling from the IRS in the late 1960s qualifying its railroad property as a REIT qualifying real estate asset.


Power REIT believes infrastructure is an attractive sub-sector of the real estate market:
   – Location, permitting and right of ways are critical for the functioning of most infrastructure
   – Operators often benefit from long-term contracts and predictable cash-flows
   – Often with minimal technology or obsolescence risk


Power REIT has a special focus on real estate underlying renewable energy generating projects. We believe that real estate underlying renewable energy is attractive for all the reasons that infrastructure is attractive and is also critical for the sustainability and growth of the U.S. economy. We are focused on all areas of renewable energy real estate, including wind, solar, hydro power, transmission, etc..