Renewable Energy Solutions



Power REIT is focused on real-estate investments in the following sectors:
   – Ground Mounted Solar
   – Wind Farms
   – Other energy assets, including transmission, substation and land improvements that do not qualify for ITC


Power REIT is seeking to partner with developers who are developing renewable energy projects and have late stage projects with executed power purchase agreements and ownership of land and/or an option to acquire land. Partnering with Power REIT can help developers leverage limited development capital and assist with the execution of a larger pipeline of projects. In addition,a Power REIT transaction can also increase gross proceeds from project sales/financings.


For long-term asset owners, Power REIT’s financing is often on more attractive terms and duration than third-party, tax-motivated capital. Power REIT can acquire real-estate from completed projects to refinance expensive financing or accelerate value creation for equity sponsors.